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This Data Science course let you master skills such as data analytics, R programming, statistical computing, Machine Learning algorithms, k-means clustering, and more.

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Course Overview

Data Science is a blend of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles with the goal to discover hidden patterns from the raw data.

Data science combines multiple fields including statistics, scientific methods, and data analysis to extract value from data.

Those who practice data science are called data scientists, as a data scientist, you’ll analyze raw data to form insights and solve problems like creating products or updating software. Get the key skills and qualifications now by taking online data science courses from top UK universities and institutions.

Different types of Data Scientists

Data Scientist as Statistician

 This is data analysis in the traditional sense. The field of statistics has always been about number crunching. A strong statistical base qualifies you to extrapolate your interest in a number of data scientist fields.

Data Scientist as Mathematician

 Mathematicians have conventionally been related with extensive theoretical research but emergence of big data and data science have changed that perception. Mathematicians have been gaining more acceptance into the corporate world than ever before, owing to their deep knowledge of operations research and applied mathematics.

Data Scientist as Machine Learning Scientists

 Computer systems around the world are increasingly being equipped with artificial intelligence and decision making capabilities. They possess neural networks that are programmed for adaptive learning

Data Scientist as Software Programming Analysts

Unlike traditional coders, this class of professionals have a knack for number crunching through programming.

Data Scientist as Digital Analytic Consultant

This is a very popular position and a number of organizations – ranging from Fortune 500s to small non – for – profits – seek digital analytics talent. It is a common misconception that a digital analytic professional only needs technical talent.

Data Scientist as Quality Analyst

Quality Analyst has for long been associated with statistical process control in manufacturing industry. This position has been included here to emphasize the importance of data science in core industries.


The demand for Data Scientists far exceeds the supply. This is a serious problem in a data-driven world that we are living in today. As a result, most organizations are willing to pay high salaries for professionals with appropriate Data Science skills.

In this program, you will learn about:

  1. Introduction to Data Science and its importance
  2. Data Science life cycle and data acquisition
  3. Experimentation, evaluation, and project deployment tools
  4. Various Machine Learning algorithms
  5. Predictive analytics and segmentation using clustering
  6. Fundamentals of Big Data Hadoop
  7. Roles and responsibilities of a Data Scientist
  8. Using real-world datasets to deploy recommender systems
  9. Working on data mining and data manipulation

Who is the course for?

There are no prerequisites for attending this course. However, a basic understanding of programming would be beneficial.

Anyone interested in having a career in Python can attend this course. This course is well-suited for:

  • Big Data and Analytics Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Project and BI Managers ETL Professionals

Training Curriculum

  • Lesson 5 – Introduction to Statistics
  • Lesson 6 – Machine Learning
  • Lesson 7 – Logistic Regression
  • Lesson 8 – Decision Trees and Random Forest
  • Lesson 9 – Unsupervised Learning
  • Lesson 10 – Association Rule Mining and Recommendation Engines
  • Lesson 11 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Lesson 12 – Time Series Analysis
  • Lesson 13 – Support Vector Machine (SVM)
  • Lesson 14 – Naïve Bayes
  • Lesson 15 – Text Mining
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Student Reviews

Bevyskills is the best online platform. I have completed Data Scientist certification from here. The trainers are very knowledgeable. It has a well-organized course. The method of presentation is really commendable. Kudos to Bevyskills. It's definitely going to be a long journey for Bevyskills.
Ireti B.
Bevyskills is a gateway for people who want to enter into the fields of Data Science, AI or Cloud. I found this is to be one of the best online instructor-led portals, and I would definitely recommend it. After the certification, I was able to change my job role from a Hadoop Developer to a Big Data Engineer with a good salary hike.
Samuel O.
The material is exciting and structured. The animation in the lectures is very helpful and useful. The lecture notes are also outstanding. The way of explaining things is also great. The instructor is just excellent in everything. I highly recommend people take Data Science courses from Bevyskills.
Paul E.
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